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June Cara Christian, Ph.D.

Global Inclusion Solutionist

What does a global inclusion solutionist do?

I help teachers, schools and organizations across the globe identify solutions that support an enduring commitment to inclusion.

I've spent more than seventeen years working with students from kindergarten to prospective Ph.D.'s, schools, school districts, colleges and universities as well as a variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations on issues of diversity, equity, bias and inclusion.

I know what works because I've experienced unfathomable success using these strategies. You can, too.

Let me show you how.

The Power of Ubuntu...

Ubuntu is a humanist philosophy with its origins in Africa. There are many definitions of the word. Some say it means humanity; others say community. I prefer Archbishop Desmond Tutu's definition:

Any time you are hurt, harmed or diminished, I am hurt, harmed or diminished.

This is the guiding principle of any inclusion solution proposed. Our collective humanity is found in community, one with another. Respectfully, I extend Archbishop Tutu's definition:

Any time your are helped, affirmed or healed, I am helped, affirmed or healed.

Communities are strengthened when the wholeness of each member's humanity is welcomed and valued. Productive communities assume diversity and, as a result, deliver consistent, exemplary results.

 If you want to build community and realize profound gains, leverage the power of ubuntu with an inclusion solution. Schedule an Inclusion Strategy Session today.


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You have questions...

Together, let's determine the right inclusion solution for your class, school community or organization. Are you ready for unparalleled success?