Is this you?

You're looking for something different--you want to transform your teaching practice. Too many of your students are falling through the cracks; you've been unable to reach them. You want to connect but something is off--it's not quite right.

You are no longer satisfied with not connecting with every student you teach. You realize that students learn in an environment of mutual respect and unwavering high expectations.

You're a skills maven. You know what you know and you know it well. Perhaps you've transferred schools and you've noticed a disconnect with your new students. Maybe you don't know how to teach seemingly controversial and important world events--unsure of how to respond to students in the moment, how to address parents or what to say to your colleagues or administrators. Or, are you seeking to be better? You want to consistently challenge your professional and personal selves. You quest to be the best teacher you know you can be and you want a proven framework that makes you better and realizes profound student success.

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