Choose an inclusion solution.

Too often, schools, organizations, people get it wrong.

We have [number] of [choose an identity] represented! We've achieved our goal! 

Diversity isn't a goal. It's a biological fact.

Is turnover among identity groups high? Are all students experiencing academic success? Are members of the community having experiences that are positive, affirm their contributions, and value the experiences they bring?

While diversity is easy to attain, an inclusive community requires thoughtfully created affinity that extends beyond showing up, capacity that is nurtured over time with strategies, techniques, tips and tools that support each community member and an abiding commitment to ensuring personal and professional development over time.

Choosing inclusion increases productivity and communicates to every community member that their experiences are vital for your community's success.

An inclusion solution is unlike anything you've encountered in scope, magnitude and results. It doesn't imply that diversity or inclusion concerns will be solved. It will, however, offer a comprehensive framework that gives your community the tools to continue to identify next best steps for growth and expansion.


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 6 Benefits of  Inclusion Solutions...

  1. Increased growth, skilled human capital and retention. 
  2. More diverse communities notice exceptional gains in productivity and profit when companies are committed to inclusion—practices and policies that are aimed at valuing each person's unique contribution to the community. This is exclusively accomplished with a commitment to growth over time.
  3. Sustained academic achievement and social-emotional development.
  4. Increased collaboration, creativity and confidence.
  5. Community culture becomes more solution-oriented and unproductive competition that diminishes students/human capital output as well as the quality of the output diminishes.
  6. Teachers, school communities and organizations are positioned to continue and sustain their growth without continual costly investments in repetitive training, facilitators and workshops.

I'm an educator. Will an inclusion solution work in my classroom?

Committing to inclusion requires more than mere proximity. Each student's experiences, identities and perspectives are necessary to establish a thriving community capable of exceptional academic achievement. Creating community can be an arduous task without structure and facilitation.

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I'm a school leader. What type of inclusion solution would you propose?

Your school community is mission driven and deeply connected. Develop techniques, tips, tools, strategies and resources to ensure exceptional results. This framework should be self-sustaining and as unique as your community.

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We're an organization. How can an inclusion solution produce results?

Your organization has established affinity. Capacity continues to expand. You realize inclusion is more than a destination. It's a boundless journey that requires commitment, effort and fluency. Your organization is poised to assume self-sufficiency as well as analyze and determine next steps.

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Choose inclusion...

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